Citywire Events are based on the simple premise that asset managers and investors can best get to know each other through meeting face-to-face. Our events format is simple: we gather together leading asset managers and the investors they want to reach.

Portfolio managers present to small groups of investors – usually six or fewer – who then get airtime to ask questions or dig deeper for insight. For both sides, it’s a massively efficient way of getting business done.

For added value we also invite expert speakers to present their views on anything from the global economic outlook to cyberspace security and art of persuasion and body language.


If it matters to the people on planet asset management, Citywire is across it online, delivering news, analysis and the performance profiles of more than 15,000 fund managers to investors around the world.
Wherever the sun happens to be on the horizon, we are covering developments from our newsrooms in London, New York, Munich, Milan and Singapore.

We publish stories, video, news photo galleries and infographics to websites curated for local markets and local languages.

We’ll also bring the news to where you are, delivering regular email newsletters throughout the day to your inbox or through social media.


Print thrives as a medium in the 21st century – but only if it’s done in the right way.

We take this message to heart at Citywire where we focus on getting the right print product with the right content to the right people.

We put a huge amount of effort into designing beautiful magazines full of great photography and infographics. The intention is to help busy investors and advisers in their quest to do their job better

Today, news is what people get online as it happens; for deeper analysis of the investment outlook and how leading fund managers are positioned, print offers the ideal lean-back medium.

Citywire Wealth Manager™

Opinion and analysis essential to the UK community of wealth managers, private client stockbrokers and family offices.

New Model Adviser®

Dedicated to helping professionals in the UK financial planning industry in their personal and business development.

Citywire Professional Buyer

Citywire Italia A fortnightly magazine designed for the Professional Buying community in the USA.

Citywire RIA

Our newest website and magazine is written and designed exclusively for investment decision-makers at RIAs.

Citywire Americas

Citywire Americas caters exclusively for the US offshore and Latin American investment communities.

Citywire Asia

Launched in 2013, Citywire Asia is read by leading private wealth professionals in Asia.

Citywire Italia

Written in Italian for the country’s thriving promottori community of financial advisers.

Citywire Deutschland

Published in German for the country’s expanding professional investor community.

Citywire Selector

Launched in 2004, Selector is the first magazine designed and written exclusively for international fund selectors.


Fund managers know that delivering performance is only half the job; clients expect great service as well; Citywire’s Service Research provides unique insight into how well managers are doing in this area.

Citywire Research
Citywire Research provides in-depth knowledge for asset managers as they shape their businesses, whether they are developing a new product, venturing into a new market or recrafting their sales and marketing operations.

We can provide answers ranging from hard data to anecdotal feedback along with analytics and interpretation to fathom what it all means.

Citywire Goldmine
Citywire Goldmine is a precision-driven email marketing tool which ensures that your message gets sent to the right investors at the right time rather than wasting the time of those who have no interest.

We can target investors with a range of criteria including occupation, areas they are interested in and specific headlines they have been reading on our websites. This laser-like targeting leads to high email engagement rates and strong lead generation.

Citywire Fund Manager Ratings

Citywire Fund Manager Ratings offer professionals in the business of fund buying a totally objective, analytical and unbiased way to choose investments.

We track more than 16,000 active mangers in 64 countries who manage funds in one of the 280+ citywire sectors. Here are three great things about our Fund Manager Ratings:

We track the manager not the fund, looking at how they’ve performed across all the funds they’ve run, wherever they’ve run them over the past three years.

We stick to the facts. Our methodology has always been purely quantitative, rewarding managers for superior risk-adjusted returns. No value judgements here.

No pay-to-play. We rate all eligible managers across the whole of the market and we only get paid if an asset management group wants to use the A rating in advertisements or marketing materials.

Fund Manager Ratings: The two-minute video

Citywire Engage

Our aim at Citywire Engage is to help asset management groups attract, involve and connect with clients and prospective clients – the people who can help grow their businesses.

The audience is a busy one, struggling to keep up with a barrage of regulatory and technological change while trying to engage with their own clients. And they are very discerning about the content that can help them do their jobs better.

Citywire Engage is here to help fund groups create the right content in the right format. From first thoughts to finished product via a host of creative ideas, Citywire Engage can be there at each step.


Think of a format that makes the most of graphics, text and video combined and you have an Ezine. Viewable anywhere online and shareable in a click, great Ezines rack up online engagement like no other format.


Lights! Camera! … And then what? Fund group videos should be short and pack in a story on why people should entrust that group with their clients’ money.


Print isn’t dead – in fact it’s having a renaissance. But it has to be lovely to look at, with great design, the best pictures and infographics – and of course, with words that tell a story clearly and succinctly.

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