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Citywire Research & Goldmine

Citywire Research

Citywire Research provides in-depth knowledge for asset managers as they shape their businesses, whether they are developing a new product, venturing into a new market or recrafting their sales and marketing operations.

We can provide answers ranging from hard data to anecdotal feedback along with analytics and interpretation to fathom what it all means.

Citywire Goldmine

Citywire Goldmine is a precision-driven email marketing tool which ensures that your message gets sent to the right investors at the right time rather than wasting the time of those who have no interest.

We can target investors with  a range of criteria including occupation, areas they are interested in and specific headlines they have been reading on our websites. This laser-like targeting leads to high email engagement rates and strong lead generation.

How to get in touch

To talk about Citywire Research

Egbert Plugge

Head of Product Development and Research

+44 (0)207 840 2187

To talk about Citywire Goldmine

Alexandra O’Brien

Client and Data Services Manager

+44 (0) 207 840 2270