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Citywire Fund Manager Ratings

Citywire Fund Manager Ratings offer professionals in the business of fund buying a totally objective, analytical and unbiased way to choose investments

We track more than 15,000 active managers in 41 countries across the world.

Here are three great things about our Fund Manager Ratings:

  1. We track the manager not the fund, looking at how they’ve performed across all the funds they’ve run, wherever they’ve run them over the past three years.
  2. We stick to the facts. Our methodology has always been purely quantitative, rewarding managers for superior risk-adjusted returns. No value judgements here.
  3. No pay-to-play. We rate all eligible managers across the whole of the market and we only get paid if an asset management group wants to use the A rating in advertisements or marketing materials.

Fund Manager Ratings: The two-minute video

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