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Citywire Engage

Our aim at Citywire Engage is to help asset management groups attract, involve and connect with clients and prospective clients – the people who can help grow their businesses.

The audience is a busy one, struggling to keep up with a barrage of regulatory and technological change while trying to engage with their own clients. And they are very discerning about the content that can help them do their jobs better.

Citywire Engage is here to help fund groups create the right content in the right format. From first thoughts to finished product via a host of creative ideas, Citywire Engage can be there at each step.



Think of a format that makes the most of graphics, text and video combined and you have an Ezine. Viewable anywhere online and shareable in a click, great Ezines rack up online engagement like no other format.


Lights! Camera! … And then what? Fund group videos should be short and pack in a story on why people should entrust that group with their clients’ money.


Print isn’t dead – in fact it’s having a renaissance. But it has to be lovely to look at, with great design, the best pictures and infographics – and of course, with words that tell a story clearly and succinctly.

Citywire Engage: what we do

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Director and Head of Content

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